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Helping the actor/actress to become anchored to their own TRUE “character is what this Actor’s Life Coaching is all about.  The entertainment industry is full of very unique individualsSimply put, there isn’t another person created like yoUYes, someone may have aspirations, a careerphysical looks, some parts of your personality,skills, even talents that may be similar to yourself; however, there isn’t a carbon copy of yoU on this earth. 


 I remember watching an interview once with this very brilliant actor. This actor wasn’t on the program to promote a movie, play, television show, book or any up and coming “gigs.”  The purpose was simply to discuss their amazing career. The actor failed miserably at conducting a customary conversation with the interviewer. There were so many character changes throughout the interview that it prompted the interviewer to ask, “Are you always in character?”  Displaying a stern look, and repositioning their body, the actor answered, “No”. The interviewer then proceeded with the next question.  Lo, and behold if the actor didn’t instantly jump into another character while answering the question.  This behavior lasted the entire interview.


So what’s the issue you may be asking yourself?  Well, as an actor one can’t allow themselves to get so caught up in the character (s) that they have portrayed that he/she forgets who’s looking back at them when viewing mirror.  When not on stage, or in front of a camera , or preparing for a role, don’t get caught up in pretending to be someone you’re not simply for fortune, fame or acceptance. 


Everyone must have at least one person he/she can talk to openly (regarding any subject) without any judgement. How many times have we heard about someone committing suicide because of the fear to be themselves or simply for not knowing who/what they really are?  As a Professional CertiLife Coach I often see this with career changes, misfortune, or when the dynamics of the home or social life change. I’m here to share experiences that I’ll never forget. More importantly, I want to share with you how to take the masks OFF!

 By the way not too long after that interview, that I mentioned about above did the actor committed suicide. 


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